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Frequently asked questions

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1. What ist Zweckverband Kommunale Dienste Oberland?

Our organization is a traffic monitoring alliance of more than 90 communities in the south of Munich. In Germany various organizations are responsible for traffic monitoring. In addition to the police, community organizations monitor traffic on a local level.

2. What is ZV KD’s structure?

We are a corporation under public law.

3. What is a ticket with a fine (Verwarnung)?

A ticket, usually accompanied by a fine, will be issued if you have exceeded the speed limit by less than 20 km/h, or if you park illegally. The fines are between 10 euros and 55 euros. It will be sent to the registered owner of the car or, in the case of a rental vehicle, to the name and address specified on the rental contract, who can simply pay the fine. In that case, it is not necessary to name the driver (compare to “notice of payment due”).

4. What if I receive a notice of payment due (Bussgeldbescheid)?

If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by more than 20 km/h, by law, the driver must be identified. In that case, the driver will not only be fined, he or she will also be registered (“points on your license”) with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. Thus, the recipient of a payment due notice is given the opportunity to identify the actual driver and/or dispute the claim. To do this, we send out a special written hearing form (Anhörung im Bussgeldverfahren). That is followed by the notice of payment due (Bussgeldbescheid) by registered mail.

Sind Sie mit einer Verwarnung nicht einverstanden und haben einen begründeten Einwand, können Sie uns dies innerhalb der gesetzten Frist schriftlich, telefonisch, oder persönlich mitteilen. Nachdem wir Ihren Einwand geprüft haben, informieren wir Sie über den weiteren Ablauf des Verfahrens.

5. When do I receive a witness hearing form (Zeugenanhörung)?

You will receive such form if the sex of the registered owner is not the same as the sex of the driver, or if the car is registered to a company. In either case, you will have the choice of identifying the actual driver or simply paying the fine.

6. I received a fine notice and then a second one showing a much higher amount. Why?

If you do not pay the fine by the stated deadline, late fees will be added, in accordance with German law.

7. I have received an invoice from the car rental company. Why do I have to pay twice?

The invoice is probably a processing fee charged by the car rental company for supplying us with the information from the rental contract. This is part of the contract between the car rental company and the renter. It has nothing to do with the payment of the original fine.

8. How can I pay?

a) Payment by credit card
Please use the form enclosed with the ticket or notice of payment due. If you have misplaced it, please contact us. We will send a duplicate.

b) Payment by bank transfer in Euro or US$ to our account
Recipient: ZV KD Oberland
Bank: Sparkasse Bad Toelz
Account no: 127 100
Bank routing number: 700 543 06
IBAN: DE90 7005 4306 0000 1271 00
BIC/Swift code: BYLA DEM1 WOR
REMEMBER to enter our reference number so your payment can be properly routed.

c) Payment by check
We accept checks only in Euros or US$.

d) Payment by cash in Euros or US$
Please send the money by registered mail.

9. What systems for speed limit enforcement does ZV KD’s use?

We use three different systems. All of them are state of the art. They are officially certified and calibrated.
a) Digital speed measuring devices by eso GmbH: ES 3.0 & ES 8.0 = single-side optical sensor speed indicators (www.eso-elektronik.de for details)

b) Speed measuring devices by jenoptik: TRAFFIPAX SpeedoPhot digital = radar speed indicator & TraffiStar S350 = laser speed indicator (www.jenoptik.de for details)

c) Leivtec XV3 = laser speed indicator (www.leivtec.de)
Our technicians are very well trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment.

10. I have received a notice of payment due (Bussgeldbescheid) without having received a fine notice. Why?

We issue notices for payment for the communities of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bad Aibling, and Rosenheim. If you receive a parking ticket from one of these communities and do not pay it on time, it will be transferred to us and we will issue a notice for payment by registered mail (see “questions about proceedings”).

11. I have received a notice of costs (Kostenbescheid). Why?

A notice of costs pertains only to parking violations. If the registered owner of the car is a company that did not identify the driver, they must pay the costs of the proceeding.